Jean Tarbouriech


I am a final-year PhD student jointly at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Paris and Inria Lille, Scool (ex-SequeL) team. I am advised by Alessandro Lazaric (FAIR), Michal Valko (DeepMind) and Philippe Preux (Inria).

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My main research interest is reinforcement learning (RL), with a focus on exploration in unsupervised RL and goal-oriented RL.



  • I received an MSc/BSc in Applied Mathematics from École Polytechnique (diplôme d'Ingénieur) and an MSc in Machine Learning from École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay (Master MVA). During my studies I was a Machine Learning intern at Infosys, Bangalore and I visited Cornell University working on stochastic route planning with Prof. Samitha Samaranayake.
  • Outside of work, I enjoy playing soccer ⚽   scuba diving 🐠   and backpacking 🌍
  • Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Email:   jean dot tarbouriech at gmail dot com

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